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No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 4

This is the last installment of the quiet book posts!

1- Moses parting the Red Sea. See template here. I have Moses attached to velcro, so Man-cub D can pull him off and play with him. Other than that, everything is glued down.

2- Ammon gathering the sheep. See template here. Ammon and the sheep all velcro on to the page, so your man-cub can get in touch with their Lamanite side and scatter the sheep for Ammon to gather. I bought a pack of 20 velcro circles for the quiet book, and although they have their own adhesive, I still ended up using hot glue to make sure they were really secure. 
3- Lastly, the Tree of Life! Template here. The fruit has velcro to attach it to the tree. I recommend doing two layers of felt for the fruit so they are more sturdy. 
Overall, this book took me about 20 hours to make. However, I had to design the pages as I went along, so hopefully it will take y’all less time with the templates I’ve provided. So far this quiet book has been great for Man-cub D. I’ve really enjoyed teaching him stories from the scriptures through it. 
If you didn’t see the video on our facebook pages, here’s what the completed quiet book looks like:

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No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 3

For other pages to the quiet book, see Part 1 and Part 2. I’m excited to show y’all the next three pages in the book, which are by far some of Man-cub D’s favorites.
1-Creation. For the template, click here. This page might take awhile because there are a lot of small things to cut out, but other than that, it’s pretty easy to glue everything together. Man-cub D is obsessed with pointing to the different objects under each flap and having me name them.

2- Noah’s Ark. For the template for the ark, click here. The animals are finger puppets, which have been a great bonus entertainment. Just cut out the animal outlines twice and you can glue the second piece onto the first. My only tip with finger puppets is to make sure the glue is really hot, otherwise it will cool off before you can attach the pieces together or it will be more prone to spread and make them a tight fit. 
3- Tithing. Click here for the template. I ended up gluing the lighter orange piece on to the darker orange piece of the envelope, but in retrospect I wish I had made it a flap and a pocket, since Man-cub D is constantly trying to lift the lighter orange piece up. 
Note: I’ve used hot glue on all of my pages now, and they seem to be holding up well!

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No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 2

These two pages are on the back of the pages I created in this post.  Once again, I’ll start with the easy page first. 
1- The heart puzzle. I got the idea for this one from the “3 Day No Sew Quiet Book.” Cut out a 13.5 cm square and glue a heart on top. Once the glue is dried, cut your puzzle however you wish. I used velcro circles to attach the pieces to the page. Pro tip: attach the velcro together and glue it to the puzzle pieces first. Then, with the velcro still attached, glue it to the page. Otherwise it takes forever trying to align the velcro on the page so that your puzzle fits perfectly. I later wrote “Mosiah 18:21” underneath the puzzle.

2- Christ Visiting the Americas. Admittedly I got this idea from “My Book of Mormon Quiet Book,” although I designed my own template. You can get the pdf template here. For the figure of Christ, you can use the same template for the Jonah figure from the last post. I recommend adding an extra layer of felt on the heads of the people at the bottom, as everywhere else on their bodies is a double layer. I attached them using velcro, and now Man-cub D is convinced that Jesus should come off, too.
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No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 1

This will be one of several posts on quiet book pages. Man-cub D is getting harder and harder to entertain at church, so I’m going to give quiet books a try. I decided to make my own templates instead of buying them, and I’m going to share my ideas for free! So here are my first two pages:
1- The Gift of the Holy Ghost. This one was pretty simple- I cut out a 13.5 cm square and then glued down 13.5 cm of ribbon down the middle. I glued the top of the square down so that it could be a flap for Man-cub D to lift. Underneath I wrote “Holy Ghost” in permanent marker. Next, I glued two 38 cm pieces of ribbon on the sides of the square and tied them together.

2- Jonah and the Whale. For the Jonah page, I’ve included a pdf template that you can download here. I recommend putting the felt whale over a piece of folded tissue before gluing down the edges to add volume so you have a some extra room to slide Jonah into the mouth. I glued the pink and red pieces directly on the background, so Jonah will slide over them as he goes in. The eyes on both the whale and Jonah were drawn with permanent marker. 
Note: I originally used Allen’s Tacky Glue for this project with some success. However, Man-cub D was able to rip off the ribbons easily (after the glue had dried for a day) so I’m going to try out hot glue and see if that holds better.