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10 Reasons Why Little Boys are Actually Puppies

Ok, I know that little boys aren’t ACTUALLY puppies and that they are about 100 times more difficult to take care of than a puppy, but sometimes the similarities are just uncanny.
For example:

1. They drool.
They drool so much. All. the. time. My little man-cub is currently working on a top tooth so the drool has reached faucet river-like proportions.

2. They beg for food at your feet.
Has this ever happened to you where you feed a dog food ONE TIME from the table and from then on they think they are entitled to your food forever after that? Well, it’s the same with little boys. Man-cub J has been exploring new solid foods and so sometimes I’ll feed him a little bit of what I’m eating. Last week I fed him pizza and he actually cried when I wouldn’t give him any more. He’s a pizza lover just like his father.

3. They love squeaky chew toys.
Sophie the Giraffe anyone? We all know they’re just glorified, expensive chew toys. Babies love those things! Man-cub J doesn’t have a giraffe, but he does have a little squeaky monkey. When you squeak it he gets the biggest smile on his face and then sticks it right in his drool-covered mouth.

4. They’re not potty trained.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. I just hope potty training little J is easier than potty training our 12 year old dog…who still isn’t really potty trained…

5. They cry in the middle of the night.
When my parents first got our dog, she had to sleep the night in a small dog kennel. She HATED it. She would cry and cry and it was the saddest little puppy cry you ever heard. Little boys are pretty much the same, except sometimes the crying isn’t so cute anymore.

6. They are always happy to see you.
Do you know the feeling when your little one wakes up from a nap and you go in to get them and they see you and start smiling like you have an ice-cream cone in your hand? Well, it’s the best. It definitely makes any “nap-time woes” worth it.

7. They ruin your furniture.
The more teeth babies grow, the more destructive they get. Luckily, man-cub J only has two teeth, but I know more are coming and that books, cords, and boxes will suffer from it.

8. They follow you around.
Man-cub J learned how to crawl just over a month ago. People told me that I would love my freedom once he learned how to crawl, but really, I feel like I’ve gained more freedom. I can walk into another room and call his name and have him follow me instead of having to pick him up and carry him room to room. My back thanks me. Or, I guess, him.

9. They’re cute as ever.
I really believe that puppies and babies are the cutest creatures in the whole world. I honestly don’t know which are cuter. They both just reek of cuteness.

10. They love you unconditionally.
I am not a perfect mother. Not even close. But even though I screw up every day, my baby still loves me. He still smiles when he sees me. He still follows me around from room to room. He still gives me hugs and slobbery kisses. It gives me hope that I’m doing something right. It makes me grateful that I get to be his mama.