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Recommended Reads May 2017

Welcome to Recommended Reads! We’ll be doing a blog post once a month of our favorite picks for picture books, chapter books, and young adult books. If you follow us on Goodreads, you’ve probably already seen these pop up.

Picture Books

This month’s picture book author and illustrator is Mark Teague. He has written a variety of books, and here are the ones we’ve loved so far:

The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf- I loved this retelling of the classic fairytale, because I don’t like that the wolf is always forced to be bad.  Once the wolf’s hunger issues are solved, it turns out he’s not so bad after all.

Funny Farm and Firehouse- Edward (a dog) learns more about how farms and firehouses function as he visits each one. The best parts of these two books are the illustrations. It is incredible how lifelike these dogs seem.

The Sky is Falling- a retelling of Chicken Little, where she is set up by a wolf but outsmarts him in an unexpected way.

Pigsty- Have a kid with a messy room? In Miss Piggle-Wiggle fashion, this book explores what would happen if pigs actually moved into a room because it was so messy.

Chapter Book

lawn boy

One of my favorite books is Lawn Boy by Gary Paulson. Written for children in grade school, Lawn Boy focuses on a 12 year old who decides to start his own lawn mowing business. Along the way, he learns about profits and expenditures, investments, and capitalism. I loved how this book wove these topics around a story that was relatable and fun.


Young Adult Books


The Bartimaeus Series by Johnathan Stroud is set in a fictional world that reimagines what London would be like if magicians ruled Parliament through the help of djinnis (genies). The main djinn is Bartimaeus, who despite being a slave is clever and resourceful. This series focuses on redemption as secondary character, Nathaniel, who pursues fame and fortune at the expense of djinnis and many others. The best part of the books is exploring the new worlds (reimagined London and the world of djinnis) and learning how they interact.

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2 thoughts on “Recommended Reads May 2017”

  1. Those picture books sound great! I am definitely going to check a few of them out for my kiddo. Happy to find your blog through our CSCMB contributor group!


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