Mamas, Take Time for Yourself!


As Man-Cub Mamas, we realize that being a mama is rewarding, but at the same time draining. So this Mama’s Day, I’d like to remind you to take time out for yourself EVERY DAY, not just on Mama’s Day.

I was talking to a good friend today who mentioned that when she was young, her mother started a part-time job at Hallmark stocking cards. Sometimes her mother would bring her along. My friend remembers how much she hated having to help out. But what she also remembered is that her mother had an extra spring in her step every time she went to work. It seemed that she was a little more rejuvenated and happier. I think this is because she took time out for herself.

Another one of my friends, who is a single mama, described this perfectly when she explained that she was able to adjust better to her new life as a single parent when she started taking time out for herself. She started hiking. She took classes through a local university like home repair and rock climbing. She volunteered at a non-profit organization to help other single mamas find better employment. She said, “Making time for myself has transformed my life and helped me to embrace the life I have.” She also has a better relationship with her kids now that she has dedicated time to herself.

Taking time out for myself has not been easy to do, but it has been worth it. This past month, I have been dedicating all of my son’s nap-time (which is about an hour) fully to myself. I can do whatever I want. I’m not required to clean, or study for the Bar, or anything else I don’t want to do. It has made a big difference in my happiness level and with how I interact with my son. This has come with some sacrifice. I still need to study for the Bar, so my husband will spend an hour of one-on-one time with my son in the evenings so I can have that time.

I know it’s not easy finding time to yourself with young children. But it is so important and worth the sacrifice, whether it means finding a babysitter, adjusting parenting roles, or whatever else you have to do to make it work. Find a hobby! Volunteer! Do something that is meaningful to you (aside from raising your kids).

Happy Mama’s Day,



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