20 Screen-Free Activity Ideas For Parents Who Are Running Out of Ways to Entertain Their Kids

20 Screen Free Activities

Do you crazy trying to think of new ways to entertain your kids- away from the TV or computer? I know I can always use new suggestions!

I’ve put together a list of fun and simple activities you can do with your kids (or have them do on their own)! None of these involve screens. 🙂


If you’re curious, here’s an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which explains the most recent screen time guidelines for children:

20 Screen-Free Activity Ideas

  1. Read together
  2. Build a block tower
  3. Print coloring pages from online and color them
  4. Draw with sidewalk chalk outside
  5. Color on a chalkboard
  6. Go on a walk
  7. Play at a park
  8. Play at your local library
  9. Record your child telling a story, then record it for their keepsakes
  10. Make homemade finger paint, then finger paint together
  11. Play with bubbles
  12. Clean together (My oldest loves to help me with things around the house! Even though it slows things down right now, he’s learning- and someday he will be a huge help!)
  13. Have quiet time (In my house, during quiet time, each person does their own thing in a separate room or area of the house away from everyone else. Usually, the activities involve books, puzzles, or sleeping. 🙂 )
  14. Learn about something new! (Check out a book from the library about a subject your child is excited about, and read it together!)
  15. Play with Play-Doh (I know there are recipes out there for homemade Play-Doh, but I’ve never made it myself.)
  16. Have a dance party!
  17. Bake a treat together
  18. Go to a store and spend time in the toy aisles (I know this would be a dream-come-true for a lot of kids! Usually they’re rushed in this part of the store, since parents have other things to get and look at.)
  19. Go to a museum or zoo
  20. Do a photo shoot


Are there any creative activities you do with your kids that you want to share? Tell us about them in the comments! 🙂


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