Fun Quotes For Childhood

I love looking for fun quotes to hang up in my house. And I’m such a sucker for free printables! Because I love quotes and printables, and because I am currently learning the art of designing wall art, invitations, greeting cards, etc., I am sharing with you a few of the printables I’ve created! I’m planning on using the first Dr. Seuss one soon in my own home. 🙂

To download the quotes, just click on the links below!

Dr. Seuss reading quote

Star quote

Dr. Seuss stand out quote


If you aren’t familiar with printables, here’s what I do when I find one I love:

  1. Download the printable and save it as a file to your computer.
  2. Choose paper that you think is nice enough to be hung in a picture frame. (I often use card stock paper).
  3. Print the printable on the paper of your choice.
  4. Hang the printable in a picture frame, then hang it up somewhere!


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