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20 Board Book Series For Toddlers

20 board book

These board book recommendations come from both me and D, so they are mother and toddler approved! This post contains affiliate links, but I was not not compensated for any of the information.

Cozy Classics– These are books with one word every other page and an accompanying picture of handmade dolls in different scenes from classic literature. I love that these books boil down the plots of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens to just ten words.

Epic Yarns– In the same style of Cozy Classics, these books introduce children to the fandom of Star Wars by boiling down the plot to ten words.

Hello Genius– These books teach in a manner similar to Daniel Tiger, where animals go through similar experiences as your toddler and they have to learn to deal with the situation. Whether it’s missing Mama, picking up, or speaking quietly, I love the lessons from these books.

BabyLit– These primers take a theme (colors primer, shapes primer, opposites primer, etc) and apply it to a classic book such as Treasure Island or Huckleberry Finn. As someone who has read most of the classic books they do, I’ve enjoyed seeing how they incorporate different themes and characters even though they won’t necessarily detail the plot. Some I like more than others, but overall it’s been a fun series.

Five Little Monkeys– This series reminds me of Curious George, where five little monkeys get away with some pretty outrageous behavior, because they are monkeys. I especially like the books in this series that rhyme (not all of them do).

Les Petits Fairytales– These are renditions of fairytales using only one or two words per page. Since Man-cub D rarely has time for me to read more than that in regular books, I get the satisfaction of knowing I was able to read everything before he turns the page. Though simple, the illustrations contain fun details for kids to notice. Since I love fairytales, these are books I don’t mind reading repeatedly.

My First [Sport] Books– These also only contain one word per page, describing different equipment and moves common to each sport. Instead of illustrations, there are photos on each page, usually involving children playing the sport, which I think makes these more relatable for kids.

Leslie Patricelli Books- I have mixed feelings about this book series. While they always aim to teach good principles (like using toilet paper correctly), usually something in each book will backfire for D and he’ll get the wrong message. But he loves the illustrations and short phrases, so we’ve read almost every book by this author. They also have some great quotable lines that have worked their way into our vocabulary.

Mini Myths– These are modern retellings of well-known greek myths. What I like about these books is that they epitomize how a child would act. For example, Midas loves the color yellow, and wishes that everything he wears would be yellow- until he paints his favorite dinosaur yellow and regrets it. These books are easy for toddlers to understand while also alluding to themes from myths that parents would remember.

Little Blue Truck– Little Blue is considerate and kind, and I love the flow of the words for these books. The first one in the series is a great mix of car and animal sounds, which toddlers love to imitate.

Gossie & Gertie– I burnt out on this series pretty quick, since D wanted me to read each book three times a day. These are quick little reads about small goslings and their daily lives. Honestly I think if you were to read a goose’s mind, you’d probably come out with the plots from these books.

Good Night Our World– A great series if you want to introduce your toddler to different places, especially if you are planning on visiting there. They are also good to use if you have family in that city and you can tell your child all about where Uncle/Aunt/ Grandma/Grandpa lives.

Hello World– Similar to Good Night Our World, Hello World books introduce toddlers to different cities around the world. Their twist is that they are also shape, opposite, or counting primers, and they try to limit their word count.

Dinosaur Vs.– These books are fun to read to a toddler who loves to make growling noises or should “hooray!” Dinosaur attacks each assignment he is given with gusto, and my favorite book from this series is Dinosaur vs. Santa.

The Bear Books– I love these sweet little books about friendship. They are really fun to read aloud, as they have a nice rhyming scheme. Our newest favorite from this series is Bear Feels Sick, where all of Bear’s friends come to take care of him when he gets the flu.

Construction Crew– These rhyming books are great for any child who loves to watch construction. They have small rhyming stanzas and take the child through each step of the construction/ demolition process.

Emma Garcia Books- These books focus on tools or trucks building something throughout the book. You get to see each individual tool/truck’s role and then at the end you are surprised with the final product. There are a lot of sounds in these books, which are a fun to include toddlers.

Caroline Jayne Church Books- I love the illustrations of these books! Several of them focus on the love a parent has for a child, while others teach children about their bodies or becoming an older sibling.

Sandra Boyton Books- I love Boyton’s quirky illustrations that bring to life her board books. Our favorite is Blue Hat, Green Hat, where one animal just can’t quite figure out where each article of clothing is supposed to go.

Brown Bear and Friends– Did you know that there are four books in this series? I thought it stopped at Brown Bear, but there is also a Baby Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda Bear. My son loves these books, and has memorized most of the words, since they often repeat the same question over and over.

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