5 Things We Do to Get Out of the House

Being home all day drives me crazy, so I try to get out of the house as much as possible. Here are my top five go-to get out of the house lifelines as a SAHM.

  1. Playdates. And I’m not talking about a playdate where you end up watching two kids instead of one. I need adult interaction!! I’m talking about playdates that we saw are for the kids, but they are actually for the moms to swap stories and give advice. I try to have at least two playdates a week. I love having standing playdates (the same day weekly or monthly) so I don’t have to think about it. But sometimes schedules are crazy and it’s easier to text a friend in the morning and see if they are available. 
  2. Story Time. I have been known to drive to libraries that were farther away just to go to story time because my local library didn’t have a time that worked for us. Luckily, the nearest library to us currently has story time twice a week. Story time is crucial for me because I: 1) meet new moms and 2) get new book recommendations. I love that the librarians at our library rotate who does story time, so we get a variety of book recommendations. Each librarian has different tastes and preferences, and often they pull out books I haven’t heard of but come to love as they read them out loud. 
  3. The Zoo. This is the most expensive of my options. We bought a year long zoo membership and it has been worth every penny. We average going once a week, which means it costs us $2.50 each time. Our pass allows us to go on several rides at the zoo for free, which would normally cost us $2 per person per ride. The good thing about having a zoo membership is that you don’t have to feel like you have to see everything in one shot. Often we go and deeply explore a few exhibits. 
  4. Parks. If you have toddlers, the best time to go to the park is during school hours, because then they can have the park to themselves without worrying about waiting their turn for the slide. Pro tip: if you go to the park after it’s rained, bring a towel to wipe down the slippery slides and swings. 
  5. Walks. We live in an apartment complex that covers a full block. Every day we go on a walk within our complex. I also know of several parks in our area that have walking trails. This is a great way to help introduce kids to nature (my son saw a lizard in the wild for the first time last week!) and to enjoy the fresh air. 


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