Book Review: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

As a parent, I look at the things that my toddler has broken and think to myself “This is why we can’t
have nice things.” And then I found out there was a book written about it! This book is a series of essays about parenting and marriage. You can start in any chapter without having to worry about having read the one before it. Which is good, considering the fact that one of the chapters is titled, “the day we caught our kids looking at their buttholes,” and curiosity had me reading that chapter first. Then my eye caught, “just because I get up in the night, doesn’t mean I deserve praise,” and I had to read that chapter next.

This book is an straightforward take of a father’s preconceived notions of parenting, marital roles, and raising children, and how these notions were often smashed to pieces and he was left to work through things in a new way. I love the honesty of this book, and how it brings up things I have thought about before as a parent (ex: “an open letter to my newborn” or “the baby hates me.”) I love the humor in this book an appreciated the fresh perspective it offered. 
We bought the kindle version of the book, which is only a few dollars. It was well worth the price, and now I’m trying to get Papa M to read it, one essay at a time. Language warning: there will be swearing. If you’ve read the book, what was your favorite essay?


Happy Reading,


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