Top 5 Most Used Kitchen Supplies

Cooking with toddlers can be rough. Here are some items I use to make things go more quickly! This post was not sponsored, but most of the items are pampered chef brand because my mother in law is a consultant. You can check out her FB page here.

  1. Wooden spoons- D loves helping me cook, and these wooden spoons help stay a safe distance away from pots and pans, without conducting heat. 
  2. Micro cooker- this is great for heating up soup (a popular lunch at our house), steaming veggies, or warming pasta sauce. 
  3. Small skillet- D loves to cook eggs (as described in this post) so our small skillet gets used several times a week. 
  4. Mix n’ chop- Who has time to shred meat? With the mix n’ chop, you can shred meat in under a minute. I even let D try to help out. 
  5. Small knifes- I feel like I’m constantly cutting fruit and cheese for my toddler. I go through several knifes a day!
What kitchen items do you use the most?

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