Tantrums and Broken Bread

D gets really upset when some food item he is holding breaks.

And because he tends to grip his food tightly, this happens several times a day. So to combat the meltdowns, I remind D about what we do every Sunday- we partake of broken bread. In our church, this helps us remember Christ’s body and his sacrifice for us. D looks forward to taking the sacramental bread every week. He knows that it is special and important, although he doesn’t yet understand why. So when I remind him that we eat broken bread every Sunday, it helps him put into perspective that he can still eat his broken food. This doesn’t work every time, but I’m always amazed how often it does work. Sometimes I’ll even catch D saying “broken bread!” after he accidentally crumbles something in his hand.

There’s probably some deep metaphorical analogy I could make about how this applies to us as children of God. But I’ll let you, the reader, discover it on your own.


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