What’s In My Diaper Bag?

Every time my toddler is quietly occupied, I know there are only two explanations: he’s pooping and therefore wants privacy OR he’s digging through the diaper bag.

“What treasures does the diaper bag hold for a toddler?” you ask. Here’s what D looks for in our diaper bag (ranked from most to least important.)
1.  Chocolate (for mom and dad), bribery candy, and snacks. This is the main draw of the diaper bag. D knows that if he is unsupervised long enough, he can unwrap a chocolate, eat it, and throw away the evidence.
2. Money. Quarters, pennies, credit cards, all things that can
be handled by small hands and then thrown around the house.
3. Stickers and other out-and-about toys. These are toys reserved especially for travel, to make them more interesting. Hence the draw to play with them at home. 
4. Bobby pins and lipstick. Admittedly not the coolest things for a toddler to play with, but then again there’s the anomaly factor. 
5. The boring stuff. Like diapers, diaper rash ointment, wipes, and a small towel. These are the first to be grabbed and instantly discarded.
So there you have it, our diaper bag essentials. I never think to hide the bag because I like to have it easily accessible when we run out the door. But I may have to start putting it up higher, because it’s been ransacked almost every day in the past week. 
If you’re looking for a summary of diaper bag essentials from a parent’s point of view, check out my What’s in My Diaper Bag? post on Baby Bear Outfitters. 

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