Favorite Books

Story Time Favorites

Here are some of Man cub D’s favorite books/ series as of late, most of which we’ve discovered by going to Story Time at our Library.

This is D’s current obsession series. These books are quite long (40-50 pages) but they have simple illustrations and a few words on each page, so we actually make it through the whole book! I like how these books help illustrate how a child would feel in certain situations and plays it out through best friends Gerald the Elephant and Piggie.
D has the most random Dr. Seuss obsessions. He loves this book, along with “Ten Apples Up on Top,” “The Shape of Me and Other Stuff,” “Green Eggs and Ham,” “The Tooth Book,” and “The Eye Book.”
These books have a fun beat to them and usually involve chanting/singing, which is always a favorite for D. They also teach about positive thinking.

I have mixed feelings about this book series. While they always aim to teach good principles (like using toilet paper correctly), usually something in each book will backfire for D and he’ll get the wrong message. But he loves the illustrations and short phrases, so we’ve read almost every book by this author. 
This is another book series with good rhythm and sound effects.
A New Mexican version of 12 days of Christmas, which D had us sing daily for two weeks. But I didn’t mind because the illustrations are gorgeous and detailed. I think I found something new every time we read the book.

What are some of your book recommendations for toddlers? 


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