Wrapping Gifts with a Toddler

I wasn’t even wrapping the actual gifts – I was wrapping
boxes for gifts to go inside. There was a roll of wrapping paper, scissors, and tape on the ground. Man-cub D had been barricaded out of the room, but he finally managed to get in.

“Okay, D, you can stay here, but don’t touch anything.”
“Don’t. Touch.”
“Don’t. Touch.” *grabs the scissors and runs away giggling*

After retrieving the scissors, I sit on them until I need them. D digs underneath my butt, trying to reach them. I succeed in taping the wrapping paper onto a side of the box. Then D notices the tape.

“Cake?” he asks, referring to the tape.
“The tape is just for mommy.”
“Mommy.” *snatches tape from my hand and runs away*

After retrieving the tape, I put it on top of the bed until I need it. Unfortunately by this point D found the now unprotected scissors and has run off again. I retrieve the scissors and begin cutting wrapping paper for the next box.

“Sit?” D wants to sit in my lap.
“Sure,” I sigh. At least then he’ll stay put.

Just kidding. Now he wants a piggyback. And now he’s walking all over the wrapping paper, getting dangerously close to grabbing the scissors again.

I lead him outside the room and shut the door. He weeps as if the only entertainment in the entire house is in the master bedroom–even though all of his toys are easily accessible in the front room, kitchen, or his bedroom.

I finish wrapping the box and look up to find that D has figured out how to open the door. Looks like I’ll be buying child safety locks.


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