4 tips for buying a family car

  1. Do your research- check out consumer reports, talk to friends and family about what their cars are like, compare and contrast different cars to see pros and cons.
  2. Test drive with your carseats. Assuming your kids still are in carseats, bring them along and put them in the cars you are test driving. We quickly eliminated several models because we realized that the front passengers would have to give up too much legroom in order to accommodate a rear facing car seat. 
  3. Imagine what you would actually have in your car. Are you going to be road-tripping in this car? How would suitcases fit in the back? Or that jogging stroller you have at home? 
  4. Stick to your budget. Dealers are going to post prices higher than the fair market value (check Kelly Blue Book on all cars!!!) and they will try to get you to sign a contract by lowering your monthly payments and stretching everything out. Low monthly payments won’t make up for the fact that you have an expensive car to pay off for years and years. 

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