When you make a promise to a toddler…

He expects it to be kept.

So Man-cub D is taking his nap in a dry swimsuit this afternoon, if you were wondering how my morning went.

As mentioned in previous posts, we recently moved and our new apartment complex has a pool! So after a long morning of running errands (literally- I don’t have a car so I pushed Man-cub D in a stroller) I told him that we could go to the pool. Little did I know that they close it every Monday for maintenance. So I left with a very disappointed toddler who refused to let me take his swim suit and swim diaper off.

Isn’t it interesting how kids will remember and hold you to a promise but they struggle to remember a simple request? Like how I asked Man-cub D to go get a certain toy this morning and he got distracted halfway through. But after going to the pool, he couldn’t stop asking to go back to the “bath.” When I offered to give him an actual bath at home (which he usually LOVES) he refused. Unfortunately, there was no way for me to fulfill my promise.

What we could have been doing…

Luckily most toddlers (Man-cub D included) are very forgiving. I plan on making it up to him tomorrow when the pool reopens. But until then, this was a good reminder to me to make sure I can fulfill my promises, whether it is to a toddler or an adult.


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