Toddler Obsessions

Toddlers go through phases of obsessions. Sometimes it’s the usual things you’ll hear about: cars, animals, tv show characters, etc. But sometimes, your toddler may become obsessed with something more unusual. Man-cub D is currently obsessed with identifying and touching eyebrows. He is also convinced that any sound that comes from the sky is a helicopter. Feeling that I needed some reassurance, I asked my friends to share stories of their toddler’s weird or random obsessions. So here are my top 10 favorites:  

Toothpaste. He loves it! He carries it around. Brushes his teeth constantly! Chews on the tube. And even wasted an entire tube on brushing his dinosaurs’ teeth.

My daughter was into singing on the toilet. Many times she wouldn’t get off until she felt she was finished singing.

My kids liked to play in the dog kennel or the laundry basket.

Moles! I know it sounds so strange but my little boy searches for them.

My belly button. To this day, it is my four-year-old’s comfort object. Any time he falls or is sad or is going to bed, he wants snuggles solely so he can have my “tummy button.” It’s been that way since he turned one. It’s embarrassing when he’s digging through my tucked in shirts to get to it in public. But he is soooooo obsessed with mommy’ tummy button.

My son has been fixated on keys (everything becomes a key or a lock) and measuring tapes (he measures everything).

My daughter was and is obsessed with packing things into bags, containers etc. Still waiting for her to grow out of that.

Spoons. He used them for everything his imagination could come up with. We had to put the spoons up high in the cabinet and bought him his own plastic ones to lose around the house.

There was a time when my son would only eat hot dogs, canned mushrooms, and mandarine oranges.

Both of my girls have a thing about freckles. Whenever they find what they think might be a new one on their legs or arms they have to come running to show me and be reassured that its okay. They count the ones on my arms and get concerned that I have so many more on my left arm than my right arm.

What are your toddler’s weird obsessions?


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