quiet book

No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 4

This is the last installment of the quiet book posts!

1- Moses parting the Red Sea. See template here. I have Moses attached to velcro, so Man-cub D can pull him off and play with him. Other than that, everything is glued down.

2- Ammon gathering the sheep. See template here. Ammon and the sheep all velcro on to the page, so your man-cub can get in touch with their Lamanite side and scatter the sheep for Ammon to gather. I bought a pack of 20 velcro circles for the quiet book, and although they have their own adhesive, I still ended up using hot glue to make sure they were really secure. 
3- Lastly, the Tree of Life! Template here. The fruit has velcro to attach it to the tree. I recommend doing two layers of felt for the fruit so they are more sturdy. 
Overall, this book took me about 20 hours to make. However, I had to design the pages as I went along, so hopefully it will take y’all less time with the templates I’ve provided. So far this quiet book has been great for Man-cub D. I’ve really enjoyed teaching him stories from the scriptures through it. 
If you didn’t see the video on our facebook pages, here’s what the completed quiet book looks like:


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