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No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 3

For other pages to the quiet book, see Part 1 and Part 2. I’m excited to show y’all the next three pages in the book, which are by far some of Man-cub D’s favorites.
1-Creation. For the template, click here. This page might take awhile because there are a lot of small things to cut out, but other than that, it’s pretty easy to glue everything together. Man-cub D is obsessed with pointing to the different objects under each flap and having me name them.

2- Noah’s Ark. For the template for the ark, click here. The animals are finger puppets, which have been a great bonus entertainment. Just cut out the animal outlines twice and you can glue the second piece onto the first. My only tip with finger puppets is to make sure the glue is really hot, otherwise it will cool off before you can attach the pieces together or it will be more prone to spread and make them a tight fit. 
3- Tithing. Click here for the template. I ended up gluing the lighter orange piece on to the darker orange piece of the envelope, but in retrospect I wish I had made it a flap and a pocket, since Man-cub D is constantly trying to lift the lighter orange piece up. 
Note: I’ve used hot glue on all of my pages now, and they seem to be holding up well!


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