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No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 2

These two pages are on the back of the pages I created in this post.  Once again, I’ll start with the easy page first. 
1- The heart puzzle. I got the idea for this one from the “3 Day No Sew Quiet Book.” Cut out a 13.5 cm square and glue a heart on top. Once the glue is dried, cut your puzzle however you wish. I used velcro circles to attach the pieces to the page. Pro tip: attach the velcro together and glue it to the puzzle pieces first. Then, with the velcro still attached, glue it to the page. Otherwise it takes forever trying to align the velcro on the page so that your puzzle fits perfectly. I later wrote “Mosiah 18:21” underneath the puzzle.

2- Christ Visiting the Americas. Admittedly I got this idea from “My Book of Mormon Quiet Book,” although I designed my own template. You can get the pdf template here. For the figure of Christ, you can use the same template for the Jonah figure from the last post. I recommend adding an extra layer of felt on the heads of the people at the bottom, as everywhere else on their bodies is a double layer. I attached them using velcro, and now Man-cub D is convinced that Jesus should come off, too.

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