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No Sew Church Quiet Book: Part 1

This will be one of several posts on quiet book pages. Man-cub D is getting harder and harder to entertain at church, so I’m going to give quiet books a try. I decided to make my own templates instead of buying them, and I’m going to share my ideas for free! So here are my first two pages:
1- The Gift of the Holy Ghost. This one was pretty simple- I cut out a 13.5 cm square and then glued down 13.5 cm of ribbon down the middle. I glued the top of the square down so that it could be a flap for Man-cub D to lift. Underneath I wrote “Holy Ghost” in permanent marker. Next, I glued two 38 cm pieces of ribbon on the sides of the square and tied them together.

2- Jonah and the Whale. For the Jonah page, I’ve included a pdf template that you can download here. I recommend putting the felt whale over a piece of folded tissue before gluing down the edges to add volume so you have a some extra room to slide Jonah into the mouth. I glued the pink and red pieces directly on the background, so Jonah will slide over them as he goes in. The eyes on both the whale and Jonah were drawn with permanent marker. 
Note: I originally used Allen’s Tacky Glue for this project with some success. However, Man-cub D was able to rip off the ribbons easily (after the glue had dried for a day) so I’m going to try out hot glue and see if that holds better. 

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