What Happened When I Went Off Social Media for One Week

It all started when my phone only had 8 percent battery left.

“My phone loses charge so fast!” I complained to my husband as I plugged it in the wall for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

“You’re addicted.” He said.

“I am NOT addicted.” I fired back defensively.

I was angry because my cord was too short that I would have to sit on the floor to use it as it charged and I didn’t want to do that so I had to wait for it to charge enough to keep using it that night. I had already spent hours on Facebook, Pinterest, and my new obsession, Instagram. Part of me knew I had a problem but the other part didn’t want to quit for anything.

I had a list of excuses. I needed Pinterest to find new recipes. Facebook keeps me connected to my friends and family. I look on Instagram for inspiration for crafts. But that’s all that they were. Excuses.

The reality was that social media was doing me more harm than good. I would compare my life, my body, my husband, my child to those I saw and read about on different social media platforms. I was really unhealthy and it was bringing me down daily.

Social media wasn’t helping me to become the woman I wanted to become. It was hindering it. Something had to change. So this is it. My week without social media.

Here’s what happened:

1. I was more productive.

Ok, WAY more productive. I was more tempted to go on social media when I wasn’t doing anything, so I kept myself busy with projects. I organized our closet, sewed some fabric flowers, and kept the home clean.

2. I was more attentive to man-cub J.

I had a bad habit of being on my phone for the first hour that man-cub J was awake. My excuse what that I wasn’t a morning person and it helped me ease in to the day. When I wasn’t distracted on my phone, I was able to pay attention to him more and find joy in watching him play and learn.

3. I loved my life more.

Not because it was better than someone else’s life, but because it was mine and it was perfectly unperfect. I didn’t try to be like anyone else or look like anyone else. I felt comfortable just being myself.

4. My priorities were more straight.

Instead of wasting time constantly scrolling online, I found better things to take up my time. I did things that made me happy such as crafting and reading. At the end of the day, I felt confident that I had used my time well and had accomplished more of what I wanted to.

I’m going to keep it real by saying that the first day off of social media was really easy and I was very happy about it, but the second day was terrible. The baby woke up especially early and I was just grumpy the whole day. I wanted to waste time doing something mindless online, but I pushed through. I pushed through the rest of the days too. But, by the end of the week I felt good about the week I had and the things that I had accomplished.

Am I going to quit social media completely? No. I’m not. But I will limit my time way more so that I am not wasting my days away. Overall it was a positive experience that I will probably repeat every so often. I think that it’s healthy to disconnect for a little while to get life back into order. I’m glad that I had this experience so that I can know how much more full my life can be when I use my time better.


1 thought on “What Happened When I Went Off Social Media for One Week”

  1. Impressive! Over the last several months I've also cut way back on social media, particularly by limiting posts about myself and my family on Facebook. Instead, I decided to spend the time journaling about meaningful personal experiences and impressions and e-mailing them to my children. After all, they are the ones I care about the most.


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